Money Refund

Grubhub - Case Study

Why Redesign?

Note: This is not associated with Grubhub.

I love food and I love food delivery. However, once in a while food delivery fails and the process to get your money back becomes a nightmare. Sometimes, you're stuck spending many minutes waiting for a response from customer service to reply.

I wanted to challenge myself to redesign the Grubhub refund experience within a week by using human centered design. My solution is to pre-bundle questions for the user to answer while waiting for a customer service representative. These bundle of questions allows the representative and customer to communicate fluidly with less frustration.

The Problem.

People need their money refunded efficently. How can customer service be made easier?


Grubhub is the leading online food delivery service with over 85,000 takeout restaurants in over 1,600 U.S. cities and London. They act as the middle man for your delivery's refund.

The Process


I looked into all the other major food delivery competitors and how they refund orders to their customers in a timely fashion. Some competitors include UberEATS, Doordash, and Postmates.

There were a couple questions I wanted to investigate including:

  • What is the customer service experience for a refund like? Is it through the phone, e-mail or online?
  • Do people usually consult the app or the website for initial contact information?
  • How accessable is the customer service link for quick contact?
  • How does the company deal with customer service during high traffic times?


  • Form specifically for missing item and incorrect order
  • Text to tell customers about what to include in contact form and picture
  • Quick selection to specify which order is having the issue
  • No phone number visisble for live customer support


  • General Contact form allows you to put in categories and subcategories for more specific help
  • Great related questions column for quick answers to related or previous questions
  • No clear way of knowing if you will be sent to a live customer representative when filling out the form
  • Missing way to attach pictures


  • Allows you to choose from a quick list of delivery issues
  • Text boxes for free hand responses for each item delivered
  • No indication of knowing how many steps it takes to contact customer service
  • Contact phone number unavailable; only e-mail is available
User Interviews

Unfortunately, I'm unable to observe delivery mistakes in action but I ended up interviewing 10 of my New York City co-workers ages 24-35 about their delivery food experience. If they did not have a problem with their delivery service, I asked about general customer service experiences online.

Key insights from interviews included:

  • 8 out of 10 people never had an issue with their delivery.
  • People did not enjoy having to explain all the details to the customer service representative in chunks .
  • Uncertainty about what to tell the customer service representative in the beginning of the interaction.

I also found a website called sitejabber that allows customers to report complaints about their customer service experience. The website for Grubhub's customer reports can be found here. While these might not be the most accurate, these are opinions from people who were passionate enough to express their opinion about Grubhub's customer experience.
As of September 10, there are 1,382 reviews and 1,232 reviews with 1 stars. I only read the most recent 25 reviews within the last two months for recent reviews.

Key insights from sitejabber included:

  • All of the people had issues with delivery that were unrelated to the live customer service function. So I was out of luck here, but I noticed that a lot of customer's frustrations centered around the interaction between drivers and the actual resturant.
Current Workflow + Painpoints

These are some of the sketches I brainstormed of.

Key Takeaways and Learnings
Next Steps for future iterations

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