Daily UI Challenge 👩‍🎨

I challenged myself to create and animate different designs daily to practice both my visual and motion design skills.
01. Sign Up
This is the first design I made to practice Principle. I wish we could rent rooms in houses as small private studios.

In this design, I wanted to challenge myself to think about two different sign up views for the user.
02. Checkout
Do you love stationery too?! I get stuck at Muji and other Japanese stationery stores for way too long so this is what sparked my idea of creating a monthly stationery subscription!
03. Landing Page
This concept was inspired by watching so many YouTube travel vloggers taking on the world. If you just wanted to find inspiration for your next adventure, you would come here to explore the possibilities!

This design was also a challenge to practice both my visual and interaction design ability with Principle.
04. Calculator
I wanted to experiment this time with minimalism when designing this calculator.
05. Logo Design
This design was to challenge myself to create a simple yet calming design potentially for a meditation application!
06. Profile
I built a minimal profile page for those plant loving people! This one challenged me to think about a scroll interaction between profile picture and gallery images.
07. Settings
Be able to change the settings for each budget created! This design pushed me to explore and animate more mobile interactions.
08. Error Page
I didn't have that much time today but I wanted to come up with a whitty statement for the error page.