Web Development Intern


A/B Testing Team for the Spotify Homepage & Mobile Web Player


Spotify is a digital media service that gives you access to millions of different songs, albums and podcasts. At the time of this internship experience, I had the privilege of working closely with a product designer on a talented team that was working on the homepage for people who need to read from right to left and mobile web player for people who did not have the privilege of having a lot of storage space on their phone. I also was able to contribute to user interviews, pre signup experience with product designers and the Spotify Design Systems team.


Product Thinker, Design Researcher, Product Designer, Web Developer


June - September 2018



Project #1

Spotify Homepage

I redesigned and made the Spotify homepage and related pages responsive for countries that read from right to left.


Shortly after my internship ended, Spotify launched to over 75 additional markets that read from right to left and an additional 4 million people.


ReactJS / Redux
Jest & Enzyme


User Interviewing
Product Design
Web Development

Project #2

Mobile Web Player

This web player is aimed for people who are unable to download Spotify to their phone due to storage or data constraints. People can easily access Spotify and listen to music using W-iFi for easier convenience.

I worked on user research interviews and creating and testing React components for Spotify's mobile web player. Once my team launches a version of the application, I would work with the product designer and user researchers to improve the current features on the mobile web player.

Creating React Components

Spotify Mobile Web Player

I created React components for the Web Player's future features. These features aimed to mimic the pre-existing Spotify apps on iOS and Android to keep consistency.


Looking back, I'm so impressed with how a product gets shipped to millions of people. There are so many different tests from user research tests to a/b tests to develop tests that are set in place through production stages in order to make a good product. I am grateful that I was able to learn from such an amazing team of user researchers, designers, and developers during my time at Spotify.